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New steps

December 26th, 2015 | Posted by Dina Haviv in General

step by step to success

Something to think about, for the new week,
Have you ever thought about the number of times a baby falls when he start walking?
So many times, he walks fall down get up, walk and fall down again.
Until walking becomes easy for him, and he is able to walk without falling down ….
Well …. almost without falling.
And as parents it seems to us a natural and a normal way towards the success of the mission – walking without falling.
So why when you begin a new step, you expect instant success from yourself ???
New measures takes time !!
Changes never happens in one day.
Once you change the expectation and understand that in the first months there will be fallings!!
Yes, a lot of fallings, just like the baby,
And it will happen until you get used to the new habit, and it will become a part of you, and you will feel easy to use it.
So do not be disappointed when you fall, just get up and keep walking,
One step and another step and another step, until you will feel good with it.
You have to coach your new steps.
Wish you an amazing week,


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