Coach Your Dreams EN


How many sessions are there?
The meetings are held, in principle, once per week for 12 weeks, for 1 hour, preferably a fixed day and time.
Additional meetings can be added.

In which languages is the coaching being done?
Hebrew, English and French.

What is the difference between coaching, consulting or therapy?

  • A professional life coach is not a professional consultant nor a psychologist.
  • A professional consultant, will guide the person what and when to do things .A life coach, however, accompanies the coachee on a fascinating journey to achieve important goals for him.
  • The psychologist works with his client about his past and how it affects his daily functioning, while a professional life coach hardly touches the past, he will do so only to check and find strengths points.
  • Coaching is actually looking forward to the future. It combines work on present goals in order to create a better future, the future you want and desire.

When does the coaching ends?
When the coach and/or the coachee feels there is no progress towards the realization of the coachee’s vision.

Coaching can be done in several ways:

  • A personal meeting – face to face.
  • Telephone meeting – Telephonic coaching is as powerful as a face to face meeting and allows focusing.
  • Coaching by SKYPE.
  • Combination of options  you can combine all options depending on your needs.