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Take out everything that is unnecessary!
I was always told,
“If you want your plants / garden to be beautiful,
remove all the dried leaves,
and remove the thorns,
because they interfere with the plant growing.
This is how it works in nature, very simple.
In our lives too, it should be the same!
When I want to grow, and develop,
I need to get all the negative thoughts out of me,
all the unnecessary thoughts that go through my mind,
thoughts that weaken me,
thoughts that prevents me from doing,
and does not let me grow.
Those thought are like thorns in a plant -
we will continue to take them off, and they will continue to grow,
and so these negative thoughts, they will keep coming back!
The important thing is not to be afraid to touch our thorns.
know your negative thoughts, “talk to them”
and move them out of the way!
That way, you will allow yourself to grow, and grow faster.
Do you have negative thought that prevents you from doing and achieving your goals?
Dina Haviv, MBA
Professional coaching
remove all thorns, and dried leaves,

We have reached the last post of the series
Closing 2021 and opening 2022.

In the 3rd post, we built a work plan for the first month.
Now we need to start working.

We write goals,
but they are not always met,
and even if we started working on them,
many of us worked on some goals, and stopped.

You must be thinking now,
it happened to me too.

Why is this happening to us?

The answer is very simple,
we did not create habits.

For example,
I’m used to start my day,
with a cup of coffee.
It’s a habit!
It became an integral part of my day,
every day starts with a cup of coffee.

We should do the same
with our goals,
by creating working habits.

So, how do we do it?

A very simple and effective way,
is to commit !
I am not talking about committing to ourselves,
but to commit to something external.

For example,
you want to do a workshop,
the presentation is ready,
but you didn’t start promoting it.

Make a commitment
by reserving a place, and a date.
This is an external commitment.

By doing that
will not escape to our usual excuses,
“Tomorrow”, “Now I’m tired”, “I had a hard day” and so on.
An external commitment simply forces us to do it.

What did my client that wanted to start a business do?
she signed up for a workshop – Business Promotion.

An external commitment that she will meet.

I Wish you an amazing year 2022,
a year of good health,
happiness and joy,
A year that you will manage to achieve your goals.

Dina Haviv, MBA
Professional coaching

2021 (2)

Post No.3

We closed 2021,
we know what worked for us,
what was less helpful,
and how our limiting beliefs stops us.

Now, let’s start the new year!!
Happy 2022!!

We start by building a plan.

The important part of any plan,
is to have clear and precise goals and objectives.

Choose a main goal that you really want to promote this year,
for example:
go back to school,
have a relationship,
set up a new business,
change careers, etc.

Now that you have a main goal,
make a short list 3 to 5 short-term sub-goals,
choose ones that can be achieved in one month.

A list of 3 to 5 goals is usually achievable,
and will not put us under pressure.

For example, let’s go back to my client from the previous post
that wants to start a new business.

Her main goal – new business,
she has a short term sub goals,

The next step will be -
closing days and hours in the calendar.

Useful tip:
Put the list in a place that you can always see,
so you remember what you have  to do.

Once we succeed in achieving these goals,
we know that we can do it!!
and we also created a habit of working
on our new project.

This progress will make it much easier for us to move on to the next month the same way,
don’t be surprised if for the second month you will decide to work more hours :)

Continue until you reached your main goal!!
I would love to hear how your 2022 program is working.

Dina Haviv, MBA
Professional Life coach


2021 (1)


Post No. 2
After we have checked and rated our satisfaction,
in this post, we will work on each area separately,
and try to check what prevents us to make the changes?

Usually, we will look for external reasons.

This time, we will look inside and check our limiting beliefs,
“Limiting beliefs are thoughts, opinions
that one believes to be the absolute truth.
They tend to have a negative impact on one’s life
by stopping them from moving forward and
growing on a personal and professional level.”

For example,
I worked with a client who wanted to start her own business,
A dream she had for many years,
but there was always an excuse why not,
“With everything happening in the world, it’s not right to start a new business”
“I work full time and have no time to plan”
“Now the children are too young”
“It’s dangerous to be without a fixed salary”
And a few more excuses …
All of these are external reasons!

I asked her to check with herself
What is the real reason that is stopping her?

She realized that as a child, her parents always told her
- that it’s always better to be an employee, and having a fixed salary,
- that it’s dangerous to be a business owner,
- that most people are not good enough to be self-employed,
- that only very talented people can be independent,
And a few more.

Now she realized why she was not even trying.

And by looking around her,
she found new successful businesses,
that were employees, who decided to change.

She found a proof that it is possible,
there are new businesses and they are successful,
it neutralized the fear,
and made it more possible for her to move on.

How did they do it?
They wanted the change, and made steps to achieve it.
some worked on the weekend,
others took some hours after work,
some worked with a life coach,

These people just found the way to prove
to themselves that IT IS POSSIBLE !!

I invite you to choose one area that you are stuck,
and write down your emotions that this field evokes in you.

Write down both the good and the bad ones.

Would love to hear how it’s helping you,

Dina Haviv, MBA
Professional Life Coach


In just a few more days 2021 is ending,
and a new year will start.

In these days,
I will post 4 posts,
and will try to help you
end the current year,
and start the new one!

First, let’s start by looking at 2021.

The new year is always about new beginnings,
and as every new year,
we are full of expectations and hopes for a better future.

We all want to create changes,
it can be in any area of our life,

And they can be like:
- I want to lose weight,
- I want to start a new business,
- I want to find a partner,
- Change from being an employee to self-employed,

And there are lots and lots of other things we can change.

Many clients come these days and say,
“I made plans, set goals,
but nothing happened”!

Now it’s a great opportunity to check in from a distance,
and ask ourselves difficult questions like:
- Did we really do what we wanted?
- Were we able to achieve our goals?
- Have we progressed or stayed in the same place?
- Did I really do everything I could to start the new business I wanted?
- Have I really considered other options to change jobs?

If the answer to at least some of them was “yes”,
then we are on the right path,
if not, then something in our way is wrong.

First of all, we do not despair,
and we will not blame ourselves or feel bad,
we will take it for learning.

Let’s start with the wheel of life.
Put all areas of life:
Health, work, career, studies, family,
Relationships, money, friendships, etc.

Rate your satisfaction of the past year from 1 to 10
(10 I am most satisfied).

add comments:
- why you are not satisfied,
- and what needs to be done in order to make the change.

Please do it for every area of your life.

Remember, don’t be too hard with yourself,
we are working on the year that is about to end.
This exercise, will help you move forward to the new year,
understand what you didn’t do,
and what you could have done differently.

Please share with me if this post is helpful,

See you on the next step towards 2022

Dina Haviv, MBA
Professional Life Coach


How do you start a journey?

March 5th, 2019 | Posted by Dina Haviv in General - (0 Comments)

How do you start a journey?

Each journey begins with a step!
One step, big or small, but one step
the first step.
Every coach will tell you -
You need to set goals!
She will ask you – what are your dreams?
Each one of us has dreams,
I want a house,
I want to get out of the overdraft ,
I want to go abroad,
And more.

It’s great to have dreams,
But these are dreams, not goals !!
In order for something to change you need your dreams to be set as goals!!
A goal should be close, clear and precise.
You can not say, I want to get out of the overddraft in a week,
It will not work,
It’s not achievable, unless you win the lottery that week,
But for those of us who will not,
we need to set a focused goal that we can achieve,
A goal that is neither too close nor too far.

For example: I want to fly abroad during the summer vacation,
I want to start saving every child NIS 100 a month,
I want to replace the computer for the summer vacation,
These are examples of clear and precise goals,
Which will enable you to take a step towards their realization.

To be successful it should be close enough,
Because a goal ehich is too far, may make us give up,
Because it’s too far, we do not see the end,
And in most cases we will give up our dream.

think about it,
When you go home, or to the office or anywhere,
You start with the first step,
The athletes among us will take two steps at a time,
Until they reach the floor.
None of us has succeeded, at least from what I know,
to jmp the whole floor.

So I invite you to set goals for you,
And start walking up the stairs,
Because each journey begins with one step !!

If you want to share,
You can write down here,

If you want a coach to help you arrive faster
Please contact me.



It’s time!!

April 16th, 2017 | Posted by Dina Haviv in General - (0 Comments)


To those who want to make changes, and are willing to work hard to make this change.

I want to refer you to your abilities to dare to aim high,

These abilities are the ones that will help you get results !!
Yes, you have lots and lots of capabilities.

Do not be afraid to question your way again,
Do not be afraid to try new things in order to create the change you want.

Good Luck

What are you saying?

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What are you saying?


March 31st, 2016 | Posted by Dina Haviv in General - (0 Comments)

So, what do you want to do?