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How do you start a journey?

March 5th, 2019 | Posted by Dina Haviv in General - (0 Comments)

How do you start a journey?

Each journey begins with a step!
One step, big or small, but one step
the first step.
Every coach will tell you -
You need to set goals!
She will ask you – what are your dreams?
Each one of us has dreams,
I want a house,
I want to get out of the overdraft ,
I want to go abroad,
And more.

It’s great to have dreams,
But these are dreams, not goals !!
In order for something to change you need your dreams to be set as goals!!
A goal should be close, clear and precise.
You can not say, I want to get out of the overddraft in a week,
It will not work,
It’s not achievable, unless you win the lottery that week,
But for those of us who will not,
we need to set a focused goal that we can achieve,
A goal that is neither too close nor too far.

For example: I want to fly abroad during the summer vacation,
I want to start saving every child NIS 100 a month,
I want to replace the computer for the summer vacation,
These are examples of clear and precise goals,
Which will enable you to take a step towards their realization.

To be successful it should be close enough,
Because a goal ehich is too far, may make us give up,
Because it’s too far, we do not see the end,
And in most cases we will give up our dream.

think about it,
When you go home, or to the office or anywhere,
You start with the first step,
The athletes among us will take two steps at a time,
Until they reach the floor.
None of us has succeeded, at least from what I know,
to jmp the whole floor.

So I invite you to set goals for you,
And start walking up the stairs,
Because each journey begins with one step !!

If you want to share,
You can write down here,

If you want a coach to help you arrive faster
Please contact me.



It’s time!!

April 16th, 2017 | Posted by Dina Haviv in General - (0 Comments)


To those who want to make changes, and are willing to work hard to make this change.

I want to refer you to your abilities to dare to aim high,

These abilities are the ones that will help you get results !!
Yes, you have lots and lots of capabilities.

Do not be afraid to question your way again,
Do not be afraid to try new things in order to create the change you want.

Good Luck

What are you saying?

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What are you saying?


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So, what do you want to do?


5 good things

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5 good things you are grateful for


Good things

January 31st, 2016 | Posted by Dina Haviv in General - (0 Comments)

Procrastination and Perfectionism

I have a question for you,

Are Procrastination and Perfectionism familiar to you?

You know them!

When you begin a task at the last minutes,

It is clear that the task will not be completed.

So what do you tell yourself?


It’s not my fault…

I did not have enough time…

I did what I could…

And more ……

I invite you to come and get some tools

that will help you deal with Procrastination and Perfectionism,

So that each task you decide to do will be a success to you !!



New steps

December 26th, 2015 | Posted by Dina Haviv in General - (0 Comments)

step by step to success

Something to think about, for the new week,
Have you ever thought about the number of times a baby falls when he start walking?
So many times, he walks fall down get up, walk and fall down again.
Until walking becomes easy for him, and he is able to walk without falling down ….
Well …. almost without falling.
And as parents it seems to us a natural and a normal way towards the success of the mission – walking without falling.
So why when you begin a new step, you expect instant success from yourself ???
New measures takes time !!
Changes never happens in one day.
Once you change the expectation and understand that in the first months there will be fallings!!
Yes, a lot of fallings, just like the baby,
And it will happen until you get used to the new habit, and it will become a part of you, and you will feel easy to use it.
So do not be disappointed when you fall, just get up and keep walking,
One step and another step and another step, until you will feel good with it.
You have to coach your new steps.
Wish you an amazing week,


Planing your New Year

December 20th, 2015 | Posted by Dina Haviv in General - (0 Comments)

Planing your New Year

What? Another year is finished ??? Yes!!! 2015 is almost finished…
2016 is just around the corner :)
In just 10 days :)
Have you already start preparing your plans for 2016?
Now it is the best time, to plan the new year.
We examine what worked more and what less.
And decide where we want to be in a year from now?

3 targeted coaching sessions to plan your objectives and targets,
and paving the way for 2016.
Just as setting an address in WASE,
It’s the only way to get to your destination.

What will you gain?
- Focus and clarity,
- Learning what works for you and what does not,
- Organisation,
- Efficiency,
- A clear path that will lead you to your destination!!

** Summarize year and plan your new year is on the way!!
Call me, and together we will plan your new year.

+972 522 757692



Do I deserve to be happy?

December 20th, 2015 | Posted by Dina Haviv in General - (0 Comments)

Do I deserve to be happy?

Only when you understand that the answer to the question:
“Why do you deserve to be happy”
Is -
“Why not??!!”
Only then, you can allow yourself to be truly happy.